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Rise In Excellence- The Power of Words and Rising Rituals

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Consciously form positive habits that will transform & empower your life, speak from a place of love, your words & thoughts hold Infinite power.

The first and most powerful point in this process is becoming aware & recognising the power that belongs to you in co-creating your reality. Through changing the way you think, believe or expect things to be, you emanate a higher vibrational energy.

The Grand Rising is a beautiful time of the day – it is the beginning of a new chapter, a new page of the book for you to create your story. It is opportunity and optimism and creativity – the promise of adventure and endless ideas as the sun makes it’s way higher and higher into the sky. In those precious early hours we establish our mindset for the entire day and the importance of rising rituals is extremely empowering. Starting the day from a positive place of love & gratitude will energetically effect how you face the day, drawing in more self love and awareness.

While life is often all about the big events and the once-in-a-lifetime memories, in actual fact taking the time to appreciate the small things in your daily life is one of the most important and best ways to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

It’s a great idea to implement a rising ritual into your day to help set you up in the best possible way. Whether it means setting your alarm a little earlier or committing to not scrolling on your phone in bed for 20 minutes before actually getting up, by taking the time to create a sacred ritual to rise to will leave you feeling more positive, empowered, and accomplished before you’ve even started the day – it’s something we really recommended as a place to start for anyone looking to improve their connection to themselves and the spiritual world.

Here are a few simply practices that you can implement effortlessly to create change through this energy.

♡Rising Early


♡Journal & Writing Down Tasks

♡Affirming Your Goals

♡Expression Through Art

♡Exercise & Mediation

♡Nourishing Your Body

♡Take a Bath or Shower- It's a form of energy cleansing

♡Listen To Uplifting Music


♡Embrace Nature

♡Light A Candle

Think about the words you use & the ripple effect they can generate. Why do you think they call it 'SPELLing'?

Words have vibration and cast spells, if you acknowledge the internal emotions & thought processes you embrace & make simple changes such as how you greet people, you are mindfully impacting everything within & around you.

People choose to say Grand Rising instead of Good morning, as the word ‘morning’ has negative connotations related to the word ‘mourning.’ Therefore, many believe it to be setting the day up in a negative way.

The ‘rise,’ as opposed to ‘mourn,’ is a much more positive way to begin your day, and even making this small change to the wording you are using could have a profound effect on your general outlook.

During sleep the physical body is in a state of rest. While the conscious mind also rests, the subconscious mind is in a 'state of travel'. Sometimes the spirit, conscious & subconscious are all in motion together and if you accept this as truth in understanding sleep then saying “grand rising” is giving thanks for returning back to your body after being away from it for a long time. It is the Grand Rising of your spirit in your body, and it is used as a sort of prayer in gratitude to your higher self. The act of awakening to a more personal and spiritual state can be as simple as saying "Grand Rising".

10 Grand rising affirmations

  • I have an abundance of energy

  • Everything is working for my own good

  • I am blessed

  • I am not afraid to shine

  • I am supported fully by the universe

  • I courageously move in the direction of my dreams

  • I choose to be happy and love myself today

  • I am worthy

  • I will not worry about the things that I can’t control

  • Today will be a great day!

Nurture life, notice life's cycles & listen to your body. Plant the seeds to success in all forms & watch them grow. It truly is a miracle that you’re here on this Earth, and to be given another day is not something to be taken for granted.

The Grand Rising is a deeply spiritual act – a reconnection of body and soul – and to recognize this for what it is, is to honor yourself in a very powerful way.

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