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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Every space deserves a beautiful candle!

Candlelight is representative of many things. Peace, serenity, joy and they also create romance and a relaxing ethos. No matter where you decide to use candles, they’ll create a warmer, more welcoming environment not only for guests but for yourself too!

We are no doubt drawn to candlelight for the same reasons that our ancestors were once drawn to fire. Candles are an easy and elegant way to access our primitive attraction to the flame.

Turning a property into a home can be challenging. For many people, the house has a special meaning, as it is the environment where residents have fun, recharge their energy, and can have time and space reserved for self-knowledge, welcoming, and cultivation of creativity. The decoration is very important in the search for the perfect home space, ideal to express one's personality and promote a feeling of coziness and harmony in each room.

Finding comfort and ways to make everyday life lighter and more profitable at home has always been essential for maintaining mental and body health.

When you enter any well-appointed home, there’s one thing that you’ll notice that they all have in common. Every room has candles as part of their décor. It’s true. Watch any tv show or movie, browse your favorite design magazine, or go on a home tour. Every home has candles. Why is this? Candles seem to add that finishing touch, that little something special. And they go with any style of decorating.

Candles are a suitable addition to practically all styles of environment and serve as decorative props, both lit and unlit, in addition to allowing aromas to influence the mood, provide well-being, and create a more intimate atmosphere in the practice of diverse self-care rituals.

With different shapes, sizes, and packaging, candles become a luxurious object to integrate the decoration.

Candles work very well as decorative items, alone or as complements when placed with other items such as paintings, vases, small lamps, books, sculptures, among other options. Another way to decorate is to choose two or more candles, of different sizes to generate balance and harmony and place them inside a tray, which can vary between materials such as wood, concrete, marble, or ceramics. For those who prefer to bet on a more discreet or minimalist decor, models in neutral colors, totally wax, based on raw cement or painted in light tones, and resins can be easily inserted as ornaments and give a personal and chic touch. For those who choose a more relaxed style, resorting to the most colorful and unique molds helps keep the room feel more vivid and lively.

Candles serve to create a smooth and satisfying atmosphere on several occasions, such as after taking a relaxing bath or when practicing beauty rituals, meditation, yoga, enjoying a drink, eating delicious food, reading your favorite book, listening to music, having friends over for dinner, or just turning off the lights and your thoughts.

Candles make great gifts! Everyone loves them; that’s why they’re the go-to gift for any time of the year, and anyone on your list would be thrilled to get one of our L.I.F.E candles.

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